VersaSpa Spray Tan

My First Spray Tan .. from a machine

I’ve herd mixed reviews on the VersaSpa and Mystic Tan booths, and have finally decided to give it a whirl.  My skin is thanking me for quitting tanning beds and countless hours by the pool.  Although I quit years ago, my skin is one of the only things I can replace, and wish I had treated it better over the years.  Between cooking myself and genetics, I’m in my 20-somethings and have sun sports, crows feet, and forehead wrinkles!!! (booo) Let this be a lesson to any sun-kissed teens out there!

Now that I have cut back on my vitamin D, a bronze glow is still a must for my fair skin and blonde hair.  I have used many over the counter lotions from Jurgens and Neutrogena to the Target off brand, and all have worked fine in moderation.  I do have special occasions every now and then where I am seeking a custom all over glow and have gone to a salon where a woman sprays me.  I love this because they can add more on feature areas (abs, collarbone, shins) and less on dry splotchy areas (knees, neck, elbows) and the price is comparable to a spray booth such as Mystic Tan and VersaSpa at around $30/ session.  I purchased a Groupon for a nearby tanning salon offering 3 sessions of a “spray tan” for $15 so of course I decided to try it out. I am attending my sisters wedding this weekend and have a few other upcoming parties, why not.


What is VersaSpa?

Due to awesome marketing by Mystic Tan, I assumed this “spray tan” would be in a Mystic booth.  But I was wrong, when I said, “Hi, I’m here for my Mystic Tan”, the women quickly corrected me saying that they only use VersaSpa and mystic Tan is “way outdated, and you don’t want that”. Long story short … I had to rewrite my entire post…

VersaSpa has a very different application process based on my previous research, but both have the same concept; they spray you down with DHA and amino acids.  DHA is not a paint or stain, but has a chemical reaction with the amino acids in the dead layer of skin.  It gradually turns your skin brownish over the next 24 hours and last 4-7 days.

Some tips I read before going….

Preparation for Vera Spa

  • Shave everywhere and exfoliate exfoliate exfoliate! To remove all dry skin
    • The night before I shaved normal areas, and only did my normal lofa scrub down since I ran out of hot water
    • The morning of I used a salt scrub everywhere and heavily on my knees and elbows to scrub away al dry skin
    • Do not moisturize so that the tan will go evenly on your skin
    • Wear loose clothing

Vera Spa: Day of, at the Salon

  • You will be given the basic run down by a salon tech if you have never tanned before
  • Pick a color best suited for you skin tone
    • I chose no bronzer, someone told me it rubs off and you look “dirty”
    • I went with light to avoid a potential mess
    • They will go over the different poses to do in the booth, as shown below …
    • These are not as easy as they appear
    • I would not spread my fingers and hide my wrists these parts turned creepy streaky orange

 Versa Spa: Post Spray …

  • Use the antibacterial gel and put all over your hands and feet
    • This is SUPPOSED to keep these areas from tanning
    • It didn’t work well, id suggest bringing wet wipes after to remove unwanted tan
    • Put on loose clothing for the ride home, tan appears in 4 hours
    • Do not shower for at least 8 hours
      • I waited all night, the longer the better
      • Avoid hot showers and moisturize to prolong your tan

All in All…waaa la .. a Vera Spa spray tan

I don’t know if I would do this again, even though I have 2 left on my account.  I was pretty tan for the next few days, however I did have tiny problems.  After taking lots of precautions I still ended up with streaks and weird orange in between fingers, bottom of feet, around wrists.  The tan did last but when it began to flake off my chest was very splotchy and had to cover up for a few days until I could get it all scrubbed off.  I don’t think it can be a DISASTER, but it’s a little risky to do right before a special occasion.

versa spa beforeversa spa after








OK I’m a bit orange …and excuse my no makup… What do you think?  Do you have any tips? Experiences to share?


Xo Rachel

  • Nat

    Although the color is very true to tan, there is WAY more cons than pros for this system of tanning…
    before I started tanning with Versa Spa I legit went on a FBI search of every review and comments from Versa Spa users, you know seeing if it was worth the money…
    I was seeing how there was actually no bad review for this, I was like wow this HAS to be good.

    I can tan in my birthday suit so I get a full tan
    The color is far from orange
    You can choose clear or bronze spray

    ~CONS *sigh*
    Even though I exfoliate my skin thoroughly, I mean so much my skin is just like baby smooth and so red because I can’t exfoliate anymore….
    I do all the positions right, so I know it’s not me… I always look extremely blotchy VERY UNNATURAL.
    I’ve given it many chances trying to do something different to see if I’m doing something wrong…. Highly dissapointing but I guess it’s this system. I get a much better tan with Jergens than this s^*t … 
    The barrier cream does absolutely NOTHING 
    I’ve tried both bronzer and clear and clear is better, you look dirty with the bronzer solution

    Overall, you should try this to see if you like it, but do NOT get a membership like I did hoping I was going to LOVE this because I relyed on everyone’s review… pay one session then if you like it do a membership 

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  • Vickta02

    Your supposed to put the lotion on your hands and feet before getting the tan and lots of it.  This will prevent orange feet and hands

    • TheRachelG

      Thanks!  When I went back i used TONS of lotion and it helped a lot.  I think my skin tone has something to do with it as well. 

  • VictoriaAtSunTanCity

    I’m not sure where you’re located, but I just want to make sure you know that Sun Tan City is giving away a year of free tanning! If you would like to enter the It’s Glowtime sweepstakes, follow this link to enter on Facebook:

    Sun Tan City

  • elliptical

    Great! thanks for the share!

    • admin

      No problem, always willing to share new experiences!

  • VictoriaAtSunTanCity

    If you didn’t use the VersaSpa Prep Gel, I would recommend using that next time. It’s a packet that you should be able to purchase at your tanning salon counter. You just apply it like lotion, and it will open your pores. You may feel a slight burn if you just shaved your legs, like if you go in the ocean with freshly shaved legs, but it’s nothing to worry about. It balances your skin’s pH levels, which will prevent your skin from turning orange. While the VersaSpa is made with beet and walnut extract, some people’s skin reacts to make it have a slight orange tint. Thankfully this doesn’t happen often. And if you didn’t do the clear tint, that’s what I would suggest next time. Good luck!

    Sun Tan City

    • AJ Morales

      Those prep gels and moisturizers are way overpriced. And not really necessary or work any better than a cheap moisturizer lotion at walmart. They get you all excited at the salon. The bottles are usually glittery and neon, but really you pay for an expensive regular lotion. They say they contain all of these weird chemicals that enhance your tans length or prevent streaks. but if you exfoliate in the shower before going, and then wait 6 hours before showering after and then apply lotion after every shower (keep them short) then your tan will look just as good as someone who spent $60 for a bottle of gel. all it does is moisturize the skin to prevent the blotchy, but shame on the person for going in there dry as sandpaper. Or…. opt for the moisturizer spray option. Usually $5 extra, better than a packet of cold gel still, basic lotion with vitamins in it or aloe, and you’re good to go :)